Stronger Together - A Note on Covid-19 Impact on Business

Guarantee Digital is proud to be working closely with our Agency Partners during this challenging time, developing new programs and offering value added services that help them assist their local agency clients. We love sharing ideas… and the free exchange of new ideas from our partners… what is working in their markets. Recently launched programs and support include:

  1. New “Open for Business” Video bundle – includes Free Video Production
  2. New Restaurant Online Menu Pages & Marketing for takeout/delivery orders
  3. Virtual Trade Show Marketing Packages to recover lost event revenue
  4. Virtual Job Fair Package – to help recruit and replace lost Job Fair Events
  5. Sports Marketing Package – to help target those same folks who would have been at the Live Events
  6. Free Video Specs Ads – focused on the “Essential Open for Business” accounts
  7. Free Ad Design – Value added design work
  8. Free Social Media Posts & Blogs – for use on our Parnter’s own Social Pages and Sites to help inspire and educate local merchants and consumers.
  9. Free Training – now is a great time to revisit Sales & Product Training…with sales reps working from home. Weekly Live Webinars and pre-recorded training available.
  10. New Agency Launches – Working with many new partners… including three who signed up this week to get their Agency Kickoff underway. In a world moving harder than ever toward digital, they want to be ready to offer the products local merchants want the most! Click here if you are Ready!

Bottom line: We remain committed as always to helping our partners get thru the coming weeks and emerging stronger and smarter when we come out the other side!   If you would like to offer some or all of these programs in your market… Lets Talk!


Stay Safe Out There – Daryl Hively – 414.234.8529