Five Big Ideas for Driving New Revenue NOW!

1. Why not Sell the Digital Products & Solutions your customers want and need to buy!
Novel concept, right? Its Sales 101…offer the products and services the market is asking for!   The fact is your merchants are going to buy digital from someone, shouldn’t it be you? Borrell estimates it’s an $80 Billion Dollar Market…and the biggest growth area of local media.

2. Be Different! Set yourself apart in an increasingly competitive digital marketplace!
Let’s face it…just about everyone is pushing digital these days. Don’t be the 27th guy to walk in the door with the same boring stuff. (Retargeting? Again!  Ho Hum!) Our programs keep pace with an ever changing Internet –programs other guys haven’t even thought of yet!    

3. We Got the Good Leads…The “GlenGarry Glen Ross” Leads for your Market!
Our pre-qualified leads and marketing automation program sources the best potential customers in your market for digital services…with many NEW potential customers well beyond your regular cast of traditional clients. Yes, you need to make sure they are taken care of…but our Digital Programs open a door to the other 75% of the market that has never bought from you before!

Alec Baldwin explains a slightly different version of the program here (warning salty content ; )! )

4. Let’s Leverage the Power of Two!
Your owned & operated traditional media assets (TV, Radio, Print, your website) bundle really well with our wide variety of digital solutions.  By selling Multi-Platform bundles, many times you can open door to new clients and even sell more traditional media…not a bad thing, right!?

5. Up Your Game with Serious Sales Training!
Where do you see your sales team a year from now? Single product pushers…or multi-platform pros that remain relevant to their clients and able to compete in rapidly changing media world? We offer Virtual, On-Site and in-the-Field programs that demonstrate Real World strategies for closing more business. Couple with a Merchant event and a week or more of co-selling to give your revenue a goose!

Ready to sell more in your market?  Learn more about our Digital Agency Partner program here