Our Partner Re-seller Program Makes Offering Digital Agency Solutions to Your Clients Easy & Profitable!



  • Turn Key Agency Launch Program – 4 week kick off
  • Wholesale/Retail pricing allows 50-75% margins
  • White Glove Fulfillment of Best of Breed, Most In Demand Digital Solutions.   For full product suite, click here
  • White Labeled – features your Digital Agency Brand
  • Virtual, Classroom, Curbside &  On-Demand Sales Training
  • All Sales Collateral plus a New Digital Agency Website like this
  • Fresh Leads Program…from the other 75% of market who doesn’t buy from you now
  • Merchant Seminars & Sales Events to fill your sales pipeline
  • Cloud Based Project Management & ROI Dashboard for Clients



  • Outsource one or more Digital Products to us to improve margins, quality and efficiency
  • Or, use some of our programs to round out your existing portfolio
  • Quality Products & Rock Solid Process – Restores Sales, Client confidence
  • Get Fresh In-Bound leads via our Leads & Marketing Automation Program
  • In Market & On-Call Sales Support for your team help close deals
  • Re-launch Agency with Focused Sales Training & Merchant Seminar – Restock Sales Pipeline!
  • We let you focus on what you do best…Sales!

Our benefits

Speed to Market

Not only can we launch your agency fast, we are also fast to respond to your needs and needs of the customer. We treat everyone like a Tier One Client!

White Glove Customer Care

For SMB’s on up to your largest customer, we provide strategic guidance and support to achieve the best possible result.

Real ROI for Merchants & Media Partners

This is not another hit and run, one and done blitz program. We focus on proper needs analysis, deliver the right digital packages that keep customers happy. This helps you build long term, recurring revenue and deeper share of wallet with your customers!

Building a Sales Force for the Future

Armed with the best product and the knowledge of how to present and sell them to merchants, your Reps add a Skill set that best prepare them and you for the digital future (that is here now).

Protect & Defend

Right now in your market, your clients are inundated with digital sellers. Our partnership will enable you to offer competitive solutions…that maintain your relationship, grow revenue while looking out for the best interest of your customer…and your core products.


What happy clients say about us

  • You have a great team! Everyone has been extremely helpful. My past experience working with digital operation teams have been a bust.
    Your team delivers…
    Great things to come!!!
    Brandin M. Campbell
  • The team at Guarantee Digital has surpassed all our expectations. We are thrilled with the attention to detail, the swift responses and most importantly, the results we are getting for our clients! Here’s to a record breaking 2016!
    Gina & Diane Ghiglietti
  • “We just wrapped up our second week of seminars with Guarantee Digital. We expect to see similar success as the first round where we closed over 50% of follow-up visits in the following weeks. Daryl does a great job. He not only knows his material but he is able to communicate it in a simple way that small business owners can understand. We get a lot of positive feedback. People appreciate Daryl’s educational approach and most are very interested in meeting afterwards to review their digital audit reports. Definitely a great investment for us.”

    Jeff Pezzano
    VP Advertising Sales & Marketing
    Dix Communications Company - Full Spectrum Marketing
  • “I have been completely blown away by the level of service I have been receiving from your team. Peggy, Ann and Erika have been an absolute pleasure to work with as well as providing excellent work.”


    Dan Watts
    Digital Sales Manager, Star Digital Strategies
  • “Guarantee Digital makes every customer feel like they’re the only customer. The crew is intelligent, fast and efficient. If you want to grow your digital business, partnering with Guarantee Digital is a great start.”

    Jeff Avgeris
    Digital Director at Pioneer Connext
  • “Guaranteed Digital can expand a media company’s wheelhouse of in-demand digital products & services, provide continuous product and sales training and provide local field assistance through merchant seminars an 4-legged sales calls.”

    Bruno Giovannoni
    Digital Advertising Manager with KDLH 3 | KBJR 6 and Range 11

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