Marketing Automation:
Driving True Incremental Revenue

One of the key benefits of offering digital agency services is they can appeal to virtually every B2C & B2B Merchant in your local market, opening up new revenue opportunities well beyond your existing client base. Our Marketing Automation (MA) program is designed to help you tap into this opportunity by identify best prospects, delivery qualified leads to your inbox.

How the Guarantee Digital Marketing Automation Program Works:

  1. Qualified Leads program –  We pull list of best prospects in your market each quarter based on their digital needs, including many potential customers who don’t buy from you now. The list will include contact name, email, and phone and can be merged/purged with your existing list of clients, prospects.
  2. Content Development – We create relevant, educational content to share with potential prospects via a series of outbound emails. Content can also be featured on your digital agency site (can be your existing site or we will build you one) and is also great for use as native articles on your local media site and via social media. All content created is designed to position your agency as the local expert in digital.
  3. Marketing Automation platform set up & tracking – We load the combined leads list into the MA Platform and begin an outbound email marketing campaign designed to drive inbound traffic to your digital agency website. We also add MA tags to your agency site to track interests of inbound leads, and trigger additional personalized marketing messages.
  4. Daily Leads in Your In-box – the result is fresh new leads for your sales team delivered on a daily basis. Includes a dashboard that tells you who has visited your website, what they are interested in with a CRM to track activity. Platform also integrates with Salesforce and other CRMs.