Happy Clients & Partners

Words of thanks from our Happy Partners is what makes us so very happy too!

Praise for GD Marketing team (and handling difficult clients)

Peggy,  John tells me you are DeAnn’s supervisor.  I just want to go on the record to say she’s AMAZING!   I can’t believe how she has accommodated my challenging client.  I am so grateful and wanted you to know.

– Happy NY Agency Partner

Praise for GD

Please Turn Off My Ads for Now….in the past day we sold three new customers and are now booked out for next two months! You guys did too good a job!
– Happy Happy Direct Milwaukee client

Praise for GD Training Program

Thank you SO much…you really are a great presenter! We appreciate all of your time over the last few months.
– Happy GD Media Partner after another successful group training session

Praise for Marketing Proposals & Presentations that Help Close Deals 

“I wanted to send a quick email with a big THANK YOU! I closed the deal with my landscape client. They are signing up for three of the four ideas you recommended… worth about $4000 a month in revenue! The presentation you provided was the key to winning that deal over – so THANK YOU!!” 

– Texas Based Agency Partner who closed her first deal on Day Two of Our Partnership!

Praise for Guarantee Digital Account Managers

Lee has been an absolute pleasure to work with….  the man could write an edition of “SEO’s for Dummies”….I honestly feel like he’s my partner in making my company stand out in the GOOGLE world!  You have provided me with a service I couldn’t make happen on my own and I am certain that my growth will be attributable to our collaborative efforts!

– Happy Client – Florida Agency Partner

Praise for the Guarantee Digital Marketing Team

I wanted to give some feedback from our Google AdWords campaigns…..our clients are extremely happy with us and we are outperforming our competitors to the point that we are getting referrals and client testimonials.  I wanted to give a big thank you to Jennifer. Without her experience and knowledge, we wouldn’t have the success we are having. I can confidently say she has been the best Google AdWords manager I have worked with as she understands my strategies, focus for our clients and executes.

– Director of Digital – New York Agency Partner

Praise for the Guarantee Digital Web & SEO Team

“You’ve changed our Lives” – a wonderful customer comment after a new site went live.   They thanked us for “hundreds of thousands of dollars in new revenue” their custom WordPress site helped them generate.    The General Manager at our Media Partner added –  “we always hope we can generate results for our clients.  Comments like “you changed our lives” is beyond expectations!  A sincere thank you to the Guarantee Digital team.

– Chicago Based Entertainment Client & Media Partner

Praise for the GD Management Team

Daryl, Peggy, and GD team – I appreciate your creativity during this tumultuous period.  Both ideas, trade show audience targeting, and virtual recruitment options are strategic and should resonate with prospects. Thank you for being a smart and helpful partner.   Stay safe and healthy!

– Grateful Partner feedback during the Corona Crises

Praise for the GD Team

I appreciate the extra ideas and efforts you and your team are doing to think out of the box on ways we could garner additional business.
You and your team are awesome!  I’m so glad to have partnered with you!

– Happy Boutique Solo Agency Partner

Praise for the GD Team

Your Team has been phenomenal…so easy to work with! Love how they interact with my clients! 

– California Start-Up Agency Partner