By Daryl Hively, Founder & CEO Guarantee Digital

We love talking to agencies in startup phase.  It’s an exciting time for them and often the conversation turns to best markets to target and where the proverbial low hanging fruit is hiding. My advice to agency startups is three-fold:

  • Go with what (or who) you know
  • Bring something new to the table
  • Drink your own Kool-Aid!

Go with what You Know – Industry/Vertical Expertise: Do you bring knowledge from a specific industry where you have been successful in growing business with years of experience and your strategic use of digital marketing? This brings you instant respect when you approach others who want to be like you – you have the proven formula. Plus, you likely already know prospects to target and you speak their language.

Go with Who You Know-  Local Market & Marketing Expertise – You are well known if your community – as a business person who was in charge of marketing for the family business, or your employer. Or, perhaps you worked at an agency or sold marketing to local businesses.  We see many former Agency and Media sales folk with a strong digital background succeeding here. These multi-media experts often have deep contacts in the business community, are active in their local chamber, networking groups and know exactly who to call on first to make their first sales.

It’s estimated that Local Business owners get 20+ cold approaches each month, so going with what or who you know helps you stand out with an existing track record of success, plus your former clients will love working with you again!

Given the latest rounds of consolidation in local media, its no wonder many of our agency startup partners are more than happy to stop Working for the Man and BE the Man or Woman in control of their own destiny!

Bring Something New to the Table: Guess what? Lots of people these days are selling digital.

So to get the attention of a new client, you need to bring something new to the conversation. The good news about all those people selling digital…is many are stuck in 2018, pushing whatever the corporate office is telling them to sell. Especially those working for Big Media, they are often forced to sell the higher margin O & O products first with artificially high minimum $$$ commitments with little regard to actual customer need!

Working with a nimble partner like Guarantee Digital gives you the edge in always having the latest programs the other guys haven’t thought of yet. Two examples: Our Mobile Social GEO Fencing with Behavioral Targeting (three tastes that taste great together!) or our Omni-channel Site Retargeting – a program that retargets anonymous site visitors via Direct Mail and Email. Wait, what?! Yes, this is Next level sh!t that drives better results for your clients and most of the other guys have no idea how to execute.

We’ll help you build proposals that leverage these and other proven solutions to drive new business for your clients. Finally, we have zero artificial spending minimums, so those clients with “only” $1500 to spend will be in good hands.

Drink Your Own Kool-Aid!  Leverage Digital Marketing to drive inbound leads – drinking your own Kool-Aid (eating your own dog food – LOL)…whatever you call it….if you are in digital marketing you better be using your skills to your own benefit…raising awareness for your new agency and driving inbound leads from PPC, Social, Display and more. We have marketing plans you can copy for your market or we can execute the campaigns for you if needed. I love it when I ask a business prospect “How did you hear about us” and they found us via organic or paid marketing efforts. Kinda proves to them that you know what you are doing!

No matter which go-to-market strategy you choose, we’re here to support you with turnkey solutions to get your agency up and running quickly.    Launch assistance can include sales/product training, all sales collateral, new logo/agency website, proposal development and of course, white-glove fulfillment after you make the sale, delivering proven digital programs that get results for your clients.

Learn more about our white label partner program here or book a time on my calendar here to start planning your agency launch!