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Frequently asked questions:

How long will it take to launch our agency?

From contract to launch, we’ve rolled out new agencies in as quick as 4 weeks. One key ingredient that must be in place on your end at kickoff is having at least one digital agency specialist to sell the product solo and on 4 leg calls with your core sales team.

What category of clients will the Digital Agency products appeal to?

From SMBs to your larger major regional accounts, your new offerings are needed by B2C and B2B clients, including many who have never bought advertising from you before. Retail, Restaurants, Medical, Auto, RE, Home Services — anyone who needs to get found online!

My market is different/smaller…will your programs work in my market?

We’ve found no matter the market size, today’s Merchants have several basic digital needs. They need a quality website and to get found in search. Many are trying to figure out social media and need our help. And, they would prefer to buy these services at an affordable rate from someone they know and trust…which would of course be YOU! Your market reputation and our best of breed products, customer service make for a winning combination.

My reps are kinda old school, can they learn to sell digital agency products?

Many of them can, and yes we know that some are hoping “this internet thing” simply goes away or that retirement gets here faster! However, if your goal is to compete in your market long term, building a digitally savvy sales staff is a must…and we can help you get there. Our Virtual, On-Site and On-Demand training not only provides product knowledge, but more importantly how to sell to local merchants in terms that focus on ROI, not geek speak.

Is this another hit and run digital blitz that churns out a bunch of clients later?

Nope. We teach your men and women to fish. We show them how to do proper needs analysis and sell programs that build a nice growing and recurring revenue stream. This isn’t a banner bundle blitz that does little for the client; instead we offer essential digital solutions that every merchant must have to connect with today’s always connected consumer.

We’re not ready/our reps aren’t ready for a digital agency yet…can you check back with me next year?

You may not be ready, but your clients are. And everyday, your competition is cold calling them (Kelsey estimates 39 cold calls a month!) Protect your existing client relationship and core revenue, before the digital competition starts to pull those dollars away.

Will the Digital Agency program take dollars away from my core revenue base? I don’t want switch dollars.

Hate to tell you this, but it is already happening! Digital competitors are calling on your clients daily, suggesting they fund a new digital program by taking $$$ from your budget. They aren’t so kind as to present a holistic program to maintain a multimedia presence. And, if these dollars are indeed going to switch, wouldn’t you rather put them in your pocket?

We already offer some of these services, what if I don’t need to roll out a full service agency?

Our Agency a la carte program is a great way to round out of the programs you don’t have. We can also help with training, merchant seminars and even help sell programs offered by other vendors.

My reps are already busy enough and we don’t have a huge support staff, do you provide fulfillment after the sale?

Yes… this is a key benefit of working with us. You Sell it. We fulfill it… treating your clients like Gold!