Fishing for digital marketing prospects

Teaching Men & Women to Fish

You may have guessed by now that we don’t think this whole one and done blitz thing is such a good idea. Instead, wouldn’t it better to teach the sales team how to fish on their own? Teach reps to do a proper needs analysis, recommend the right program and then how to keep things sold by continually reinforcing the benefits?

Incremental. Recurring. Revenue!

Three of the sweetest words in the advertising business, right?    In case you missed it, Borrell & Associates just released their annual survey of 7500+ Businesses that details among other things, what local merchants are saying brings them the most new customers.  Right after Word of Mouth…they said that their website and social media ranked…

Five Big Ideas

Five Big Ideas for Driving New Revenue NOW! 1. Why not Sell the Digital Products & Solutions your customers want and need to buy! Novel concept, right? Its Sales 101…offer the products and services the market is asking for!   The fact is your merchants are going to buy digital from someone, shouldn’t it be you?…