Fishing for digital marketing prospects

Teaching Men & Women to Fish

You may have guessed by now that we don’t think this whole one and done blitz thing is such a good idea. Instead, wouldn’t it better to teach the sales team how to fish on their own? Teach reps to do a proper needs analysis, recommend the right program and then how to keep things sold by continually reinforcing the benefits?

Native Ads: How They Work and Why They Work

In marketing, we are told that content is king. Simply creating a Facebook page and occasionally posting generic posts won’t foster great results. As marketing continues into the digital revolution, we see more and more advertisements appearing online. Perhaps your website has a blog. Posting on this each week or month will improve your search…

Incremental. Recurring. Revenue!

Three of the sweetest words in the advertising business, right?    In case you missed it, Borrell & Associates just released their annual survey of 7500+ Businesses that details among other things, what local merchants are saying brings them the most new customers.  Right after Word of Mouth…they said that their website and social media ranked…