As we work with our media partners around the US, too often we find ourselves on 4 legged training calls at an existing advertiser and hear the Five Words no Sales Manager ever wants to hear: “I wish I had known….”  or sometimes “You’re a month too late”      

What these customers wish they had known about earlier is the fact that your company is now in the Digital Agency Services business. After being inundated with digital sellers and cold calls, the Client finally caved in and bought from someone else not knowing you were even in the digital services game.

How can this happen you ask?!  Too often, even though you launched an agency months ago, the traditional reps still aren’t talking about your new suite of digital solutions with their best accounts…folks you’ve had relationships with for years.   In doing this, you are leaving one of our biggest assets on the sideline. The local reputation and trust you have with your clients is something your digital competitors can only dream about having.

Reasons existing clients don’t know you offer digital agency solutions vary, but typically can be traced back to: 

  • Sales channel conflict & account blocking “I’m not taking that digital rep to see my best clients…I’m not getting paid!” 
  • Traditional reps not confident to start a conversation about digital…even to do a basic needs analysis.     “I don’t want to look dumb in front of my client”
  • They are already buying digital from someone else – this may be true, but often our products are better/different…so it pays to dig a little deeper to find out exactly what it is they are actually buying and if they are happy with it.
  • Fear of Switch Business – turns out this was a legit fear…it just switched to someone else’s pocket with no regard to maintaining the core!
  • Too busy selling the latest Vendor Blitz, special section deadline, shiny penny etc.   (“It’s just not the right time to bring it up…I was just out there last week pitching new product of the week”) 
  • Overall accountability“this digital agency stuff is the responsibility of the Digital Division…besides I am too busy trying to save Print! I’ve ignored it (paid lip service) this long…and nothing bad has happened to me yet.”

The fact is our Competitors don’t care if we EVER get this straightened out!

While we are busy figuring out internal politics and tweaking structure, they are more than happy to keep pounding away at our clients who eventually will buy that new website, social media program, targeted display, mobile, video or Native ad campaign.   In the process, they begin to establish relationships, and take even more share of our wallet to fund their digital programs.     Believe me, they are NOT having a strategic conversation about maintaining proper media mix and attempting to keep print budgets whole.   They are looking for switch dollars from anywhere they can get it.

If this is a problem in your market, we can help.    Here are five things we can do: 

  1. Agency Structure Consulting – we share best practices for solving internal issues that may be holding you back.
  2. Needs Analysis Training for your Traditional Sales Team, with testing component, teaching them how to do basic needs analysis to set up a discussion with your Digital Specialist.
  3. Digital Business Analysis Tools – we have a one page questionnaire reps should get filled out for all their active accounts. This IDs best lead potentials.   We have also have two options for running online reports that analyze visibility, SEO, Social Media, Reputation and how your client stacks up to their competition. Great foot in the door strategy…as they all want to see this report.
  4. Merchant Seminars & Webinars – we help educate the merchants filling up your pipeline with great leads, closed sales.
  5. Great Sales Collateral – leave behinds with your branding that educate the client, initiate a conversation and tell them that YOU are in the game!

Yes, best practice is to do all of these things together!

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